Argent Firm provides advocacy services for individuals going through the process of unclaimed property recovery. We provide the best legal research and cutting edge support services for attorneys. Depend on the reliability, efficiency and affordability of Argent’s attorneys, now you can have the associate you wanted. We love what we do, because it’s part of who we are. As a team of industry expert advocates and attorneys working together, we aspire to create a system of representation from start to finish in all administrative and judicial proceedings. Argent manages your entire case life cycle, including legal representation, certified expert witnesses, investigation and mandated due diligence requirements, referential reporting, evidentiary reporting, Court level documentation, time and expense reporting and management. We prepare and generate all documents necessary to satisfy state administrative or judiciary requirements. As your advocate, Argent is a single-source of information that keeps you updated on all matters concerning your case and provides an easy-access portal for all questions and concerns.

Without sounding too cliche, we literally grew from a handful of dedicated people in one city to an enthusiastic global network of individuals over the course of a decade. Our strengths keep growing as we keep adding to our team, giving our work our all. When we’re not at work, we’re brainstorming and nurturing ideas to make our clients’ lives easy.

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Attorney Support

Argent’s attorney support covers legal research and writing services. Count on our expert attorneys to provide you with prompt and efficient services.

Research Memos

The Argent research memorandum writing experts craft award-winning products for your law practice. Depend on their years of expertise and experience to get the results you require.


Solo attorneys and law practices across the United States rely on Argent’s award-winning motion drafting services. Our motion-writing experts craft well-written motions.


Our appeals are so appealing, you’ll wonder why you never used our service before! Our team of experienced appellate-brief writing attorneys bring the details and information in your case together in a well-written appeal.

Administrative Support

You can count on Argent’s administrative support services to assist your law practice management. Our administrative support service covers everything from document reviews to deposition summaries, and more.

Litigation Support

Our litigation support services assist litigators along every step of the process. Right from interrogatories, to investigation and deposition summaries, our litigation support experts deliver high-quality results.

Transactional Support

Our litigation support services assist litigators along every step of the process. Right from interrogatories, to medical and deposition summaries, our litigation support experts deliver high-quality results.

Pre-Trial Support

Argent Firm’s pre-trial support offers you the chance to stay ahead of your adversaries. Our pre-trial support includes well-written and researched demand letters and claims analysis research.


For on-demand, unlimited legal research and writing services, the Argent Firm Unlimited plans deliver. Our plans give you the flexibility to use our services any time, as much as you need, for up to one year.

Regulations, Fees & Protection

California State Regulations: The Argent Firm is governed under the statutes and regulations governing the administration of the Unclaimed Property Law related to abandoned property provided in the Code of Civil Procedure (CCP), Sections 1500 – 1582, and in the California Code of Regulations, Administrative Code, Title 2, Division 2, Chapter 2, Subchapter 8, Articles 1-5.

State Regulated Fees and Costs: California State law prohibits investigators and heir finders from charging fees greater than ten (10%) percent of any assets, abandoned or unclaimed property you, in fact, recover. Additionally, ALL services provided are included unless your matter involves an estate or probate claim.
WHAT THIS MEANS… If your claim is not successful there is no charge… absolutely no cost to you. If your claim is successful our fee is regulated and enforced by state law, you pay only our agreement amount no greater than ten (10%) percent of whatever is recovered and returned to you (does not include probate matters).

Additional Protection: Argent offers an additional peace of mind and protection to our clients; we are backed by a two (2) million dollar errors and omissions insurance policy.