What Our Customers Say?

Marilyn M. Eisenberg
Chicago, IL
My experience with Andrew P. Delio has been so meaningful and hopeful. The day Andrew called me and told me about my cousin and the estate I immediately felt blessed since how I lost all my immediate family members. The patience and professionalism gets a five star from me and that’s without confirmation of the withdrawal from the petition. I know anyone dealing with Argent Firm will have a great experience. Finding out I have a living cousin is worth more than money to me. It’s a shame that my relatives that will inherit the estate and  will not even think of my cousin and I. Thank you again Argent Firm.
Diana Vergara
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Now, let me give you the benefit of my experience regarding this thing they call Unclaimed Property, there’s only one thing you absolutely need to know “the government doesn’t want to give you back your money.” It’s not as easy as they make it out to be to recovery your money and sure the government offers free help; We tried to get our claim approved for nearly 3 years, we couldn’t get answers or help so you know what we did – gave up! Nearly 12 years later, it wasn’t the government who came looking for me, it was The Argent Firm – I’m not a paid spokesmen, I am here to tell you right now you won’t find a more knowledgeable or helpful group of people “Hire this company” you will be so happy that you listened to me. I spent a grand total of maybe 20 minutes with Andrew Delio and Jaeun Paek; they had done their homework before our meeting, they knew practically everything about my case, the history, circumstances, the parties involved; most of the supporting documentation that we couldn’t get our hands on. It was amazing, no stress, no fuss, no endless phone calls getting upset or being on hold, no letters back and forth, no countless hours of research going through boxes or getting certified documents. I simply signed a few legal papers in late May 2016 and Argent Firm went to work, I received regular updates, everything went smoothly for me while they fought an uphill battle; approximately seven months later, New Years Day 2017, I checked my mailbox and the state’s check was waiting for me.
Diana Vergara
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
I am an entrepreneur of two demanding small businesses, a single mother of two young children and although my story has a happy ending our lives haven’t been without struggles. I am so greatful to Andrew Delio and The Argent Firm, they didn’t give up and continued searching for us nearly a year. The news couldn’t have come at a better time, 7 years past since the death of the children’s father and we no idea he had a life insurance policy. And toward the final stages of our claim when a sudden surprise threatened the success of our case, Argent’s legal team responded quickly and handled everything. They were amazing, our case took over 8 months to settle, but everything was explained to us clearly and concisely, we were always kept up to date on the progress of our case and at all times Argent’s priority was our complete satisfaction. Every member of Argent’s staff were caring and considerate… Hands down the best customer service we ever experienced.
4-150x150Lusin Chalguhyan
Yerevan, Armenia
The Argent Firm handled everything for me and it cost me nothing out of pocket… First class all the way.
3-150x150David Y. Green
North Hollywood, CA
Argent notified me the State is holding over $600K of my money. Argent Firm was kind, patient, persistent and efficient. I never had to leave my home and it cost me nothing in advance.
2-150x150Harv Maloy II
Chandler, AZ
The Argent Firm handled everything for me and it cost me nothing out of pocket… First class all the way.
5-150x150Sandra Quam
Vashon, WA
I put my trust in The Argent Firm and they never let me down, my family’s estate was put in order, well managed and they recovered an additional $57,000 dollars I knew nothing about.
1-150x150Roy D. Van Vliet
Mountain View, CA

My family’s estate was in complete chaos, abandoned for over 14 years. The estate and I personally suffered from government escheatments, complex tax liabilities and fraud.

I was completely oblivious until The Argent Firm approached me and reported its research and interrogation had found our family assets were in governments’ control and had been spread across five States.

6-150x150Adrian Guardado
Anaheim, CA

Regardless of how organized and prepared we think we are, when you lose that special part of your life suddenly the smallest task can be overwhelming.

My wife and I had life insurance investments, but when she past-away I ignored the insurance company’s notices and forgot about the policy. I didn’t know the money would end up in the government’s hands until Argent Firm contacted me nearly 5 years later.

7-150x150Lawrence J. Janny
Long Beach, CA

It’s very rare that I am moved to take up a pen and write to commend someone on their business, Argent Firm really impressed me!

My back story is a warning to anyone who does business with a mainstream bank, building a relationship with your banker doesn’t mean there infallible. Micro-management and interdepartmental communications don’t protect customers from banker’s costly mistakes.

My bank failed and was acquired by another, even larger, mainstream bank. In the process my small IRA account was impacted and completely lost to me, escheated to a government agency. If that wasn’t bad enough the bank withheld taxes resulting in another substantial loss, which I thought I would never recover.

The entire fiasco was so convoluted I refused to file a claim to recover my money and resisted every locator company that contacted me until Argent Firm came to my door.

After a brief interview Argent returned to me with competent guaranteed strategies ensuring I would recover all my money, resolve my tax liabilities and even receive an IRS refund. I was skeptical and procrastinated for months but Argent Firm was patient and delivered on every promise and even got the IRS to lift liens placed on my other bank accounts.

I completed and wholeheartedly endorse The Argent Firm… And to Andrew Delio and his team leave my utmost respect, personal appreciation and thank you.

8-150x150Jin Sub Youm
Seoul, Korea

I was contacted by Argent Firm about my possible asset being held by the State of California, USA. Initially, I did not respond to them because I doubted their true intentions. My family and I were in California, USA only a short time, and believed I cleaned up everything before I returned home to Korea, it was a long time ago (nearly 15 years).

But, Argent Firm did not give up on me and kept trying to contact me, messages were left through my former companies and business associates I have known over the years. My mind was full with doubtful thoughts, thinking they were a scam or fraud, after nearly 2 years of ignoring their messages I finally responded to Argent Firm. I am writing to give my testimonial because I am grateful and very pleased with their performance.

At the beginning, Argent’s CEO Janny Paek welcomed me and in my own language (Korean) I came to understand why Argent persisted to contacting me, I was given very detailed explanation about my asset, how it came to the California government control situation, and also detailed guidelines of how the government claims process is handled. Ms. Paek was very careful to completely explain the situation and patient to ensure my complete understanding. I was made very comfortable and developed trust quickly, and agreed to proceed on their representation of this case.

My case was proceeded with Andrew Delio’s advocacy. But, I was hesitated to sign full Power of Attorney (POA) due to lack of trust with Argent Firm, they were understanding and supportive, and I was immediately accommodated. Argent modified to limited POA even though they expected some difficulties in my case. Argent helped me to build my relationship and trust with their firm at my pace. During the procedure, complicated documents and multiple process was all handled smoothly with professional and expert help of Argent Firm and finally I recovery my assets May, 2015.

I am writing this article to send my thanks to Argent Firm. I appreciate your professionalism and diligent attitude toward to clients.

Jin Sub Youm
Formerly, CEO & Founder/Yahoo! Korea Corp.
Formerly, COO & EVP SoftBank Korea Co. Ltd.
Seoul, Korea