Comprehensive Services for Advocacy, Reclamation, Managing, Reducing, and Reporting Unclaimed Property

Argent Firm is at the forefront of the progressive unclaimed property industry protecting the rights of claimants and reporting parties, we work hard to become your preferred partner. From comprehensive training and education programs to correctly reporting unclaimed property to each state, to protecting customers and shareholders, Argent is the only company to offer a comprehensive suite of advocacy, communication, consulting, and compliance services. With more than 35 years of unclaimed property experience and expertise, Argent is uniquely positioned to help clients reduce potential unclaimed property exposures, ensure compliance with state regulations, and support operational performance without compromise.

Argent Firm provides more than 5000 individuals, organizations, banks, brokerages, insurance companies, and transfer agents with an unmatched depth and breadth of unclaimed property services including customized communications programs, customer data analysis, in-depth consulting, and annual unclaimed property reporting.


Argent Firm is a recognized advocate for individuals and organizations seeking to recover unclaimed property. Once assets are deemed “unclaimed property” and turned over to a government agency, whether you’re the true owner, heir or beneficiary of those assets you must now prove to a government authority, your entitlement under a very specific set of statutory regulations, rules, policies and guidelines – the bureaucracy can be confusing, overwhelming and often frustrating. Argent’s advocates are unclaimed property industry experts, licensed and practicing attorneys, third party auditors and former state unclaimed property administrators that have the experience and expertise to handle administrative and judicial proceedings required to verify entitlement and gain the release of dormant and unclaimed assets held by government agencies. Argent also offers a complete suite of supplemental services such as Estate Facilitation and Inheritance Distribution, Asset Purchases and Transfers, and Debt and Dispute Settlement Solutions.

  • Attorney Support
  • Research Memos
  • Motions
  • Appeals
  • Administrative Support
  • Litigation Support
  • Transactional Support
  • Pre-Trial Support
  • Subscription


Argent’s custom communication solutions help protect shareholders and consumers, reduce risk, and increase customer satisfaction.


Argent has the knowledge and experience necessary to assist businesses facing the intricacies of unclaimed property reporting while complying with constantly-changing state regulations.


As states continue to get involved with unclaimed property issues, it’s imperative to ensure complete compliance when reporting unclaimed property, as well as develop efficient internal controls and processes that minimize audits. Should you face a pending audit, Argent’s consulting experts can provide high-level assistance proven to get results.

Regulations, Fees & Protection

California State Regulations: The Argent Firm is governed under the statutes and regulations governing the administration of the Unclaimed Property Law related to abandoned property provided in the Code of Civil Procedure (CCP), Sections 1500 – 1582, and in the California Code of Regulations, Administrative Code, Title 2, Division 2, Chapter 2, Subchapter 8, Articles 1-5.

State Regulated Fees and Costs: California State law prohibits investigators and heir finders from charging fees greater than ten (10%) percent of any assets, abandoned or unclaimed property you, in fact, recover. Additionally, ALL services provided are included unless your matter involves an estate or probate claim.
WHAT THIS MEANS… If your claim is not successful there is no charge… absolutely no cost to you. If your claim is successful our fee is regulated and enforced by state law, you pay only ten (10%) percent of whatever is recovered and returned to you.

Additional Protection: Argent offers an additional peace of mind and protection to our clients; we are backed by a two (2) million dollar errors and omissions insurance policy.