Owner Location & Retention

Entrust your investors and your customers to the industry leaders.
Argent Firm’s owner location, retention, and communication programs are the number one choice of the financial services industry because we have unmatched resources for locating owners, minimizing escheat, and maximizing the value returned to owners and their beneficiaries.

From electronic public records searches and mail services to in-depth research and outreach programs intended to find dormant account owners and beneficiaries, we offer fully customized programs to meet our client’s requirements and targeted objectives, delivering clear, measurable results. We have helped hundreds of Fortune 1000 corporations, brokerage firms, insurers, banks, and mutual funds protect their investors, shareowners, policy owners, beneficiaries, and customers.

While we’re proud to have successfully reconnected over one million individuals with more than $3.4 billion in assets, we’re even more proud of the accolades our owner location teams receive for client satisfaction.
Many of the 40 million people who move to a new address each year neglect to update important account records. This leaves their accounts at risk of escheatment, invites malfeasance on the account, and creates a drag on companies’ operational budgets. Argent’s proactive owner location outreach and education to these investors enables these relationships to be reactivated into a source of profit and opportunity.
Backed by the team of account recovery specialists from our Legal Claimant Services division, Argent reunites banks with their customers, helps corporations reconnect with lost shareowners, and locates beneficiaries of life insurance policies. Argent uses the most sophisticated search technology and robust data sources—delivering some of the highest success rates in the industry. Depend on Argent Firm, and entrust your shareholders and customers to the industry leaders.
Leveraging our acclaimed owner location solutions, Argent has developed a diversity of resources that safeguard account owners living outside of the United States. Supported by a network of international research experts, Argent has implemented advanced account research and communication strategies in North America, Western and Eastern Europe, South America, and Australia.