International Owner Location

Finding foreign owners, shareholders, investors, and goneaways

Today’s investment companies and financial institutions are targeting investors in every corner of the world. As firms grow their international customer base, adhering to “know your customer” (KYC) regulations, communicating regularly with foreign investors, and minimizing escheatment become even greater challenges.

Building on our industry-leading owner location programs, Argent created International GPS — an owner location and communication program which protects account owners who reside outside of the United States. This service was developed in response to the historical challenges of locating foreign owners and new complications created by evolving state laws — specifically those focused on account inactivity as a dormancy trigger. As these laws are increasingly enforced, there is a growing risk to foreign accounts that banks, brokerage firms, mutual funds and insurance companies will be required to turn these assets over to the states.

Assisted by an extensive network of international research partners, Argent has provided advanced account research and communication services in North America, Western and Eastern Europe, South America, Australia, and in many other countries around the globe. From locating goneaways in Great Britain to finding missing shareholders in Brazil and Japan, Argent’s international owner location services deliver customized research and direct communication programs that extend around the world.

Argent’s international owner location services help protect foreign accounts and maximize asset retention by:

  • Locating new addresses for lost account owners
  • Confirming contact information for inactive account owners
  • Identifying deceased account owners and locating their heirs
  • Conducting “localized” owner communication programs
  • Assisting foreign owners with the update of their account

Led by our Global Claimant Services division, our international investor location programs go far beyond basic internet and electronic database searches. We offer tailored solutions and in-depth manual investigation through a global network of research and genealogy partners. Our localized research – often conducted in church archives, municipal courthouses, or by door-to-door research inquiries – overcomes the typical logistical, linguistic, and cultural barriers. The result is a localized approach that is unmatched in its ability to reconnect with and protect foreign shareholders.