Argent Firm – Unclaimed Property – Article June 27, 2016 Dealing with an Unclaimed Property Audit Notice

Unclaimed property recovery services are seeing more and more auditors targeting a broad range of businesses and organizations. Given this aggressive climate, it’s best to be on your toes. Of course, no matter how well your guard is up, audits happen. And barring special favors from on high, they’ll likely happen to your business. If you do receive an unclaimed property audit notice, its best to seek the advice of an established unclaimed property advocate. You also can assemble your internal troops to do the following:

Don’t take it lightly.  Immediately alert the appropriate legal and financial personnel in your company.

Pull together a defensive team with the knowledge and expertise to respond appropriately.  Among the people you’ll want involved are key technical personnel. Their participation is crucial because auditors will be probing into electronically stored-data spanning many years. Having it readily available and in good order will help your cause enormously.

Select a knowledgeable company representative to deal with the assigned auditor. Bear in mind, the government has developed a sound strategy to guide its course. Similarly, your duly- appointed rep should be armed with a solid strategy. This is neither the time nor the place for spontaneous inspiration. Advanced planning is crucial.

Again, professional advice is crucial to bring about the most favorable resolution – unclaimed property law is specialized area best dealt with by those who thoroughly understand its complexities.

If you’ve received and audit notice, The Argent Firm can assist you with a diversity of proven risk-reduction, compliance, audit strategies.  Renowned for its expertise in unclaimed property compliance and recovery, Argent has the resources, expertise, and experience to investigate, negotiate, and resolve all unclaimed property matters with unsurpassed speed and precision. Whether you’re an individual seeking to recover unclaimed property, a professional requiring escheatment support services, or a business owner or manager in need of assistance to satisfy compliance regulations and reduce exposure, Argent can help.

For more information and answers to all of your unclaimed property questions, contact Argent at 800 930-5993 or Our consultants will be happy to assist you any way we can.

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