Argent Firm – Unclaimed Property – Article February 2, 2017 An Aid for Unclaimed Property Compliance

Businesses large and small understand the significance and necessity of unclaimed property compliance. Yet despite this recognized importance, many entities fail to navigate the territory with necessary finesse. Wandering aimlessly, they eventually lose their way and leave themselves open to the most feared of intrusions – the unclaimed property audit.

Like it or not, audits are a fact of life in the world of unclaimed property compliance. But as with other serious business matters, owners and managers can minimize audit impact. In fact, in some cases the intrusion can be prevented altogether. One of the most effective preventative agents is the voluntary disclosure agreement (VDA).

As its name implies, a VDA allows asset holders to report any overdue unclaimed property to their respective state government. Many states offer this option to help business entities and organizations achieve unclaimed property compliance – belated though it may be. If the reported information reveals a clean house, an audit becomes unnecessary. The government essentially knows what it needs to know.

Several advantages accrue from achieving unclaimed property compliance and preventing an audit. First, a successful VDA prevents the most notorious byproduct of an audit — late-filing penalties.  Secondly, an accepted agreement undoubtedly will save many labor hours. As anyone subjected to an audit can attest, this process requires a major investment of time from owners, management, staff, and all support personnel brought on board.

Bear in mind, a VDA doesn’t guarantee audit immunity. It can, however, greatly minimize the risk of this governmental intervention. And that’s a relief in itself.

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